Save More Kids & Christ Children Home

Antioch is partnering with Save More Kids to ship critically needed non-perishable food items, over-the-counter medications, sanitation supplies and money to their orphanage Christ Children Home in Liberia, Africa.

On October 10, 2014, Antioch Progressive, in partnership with Save More Kids, hosted a Candlelight Prayer Vigil… A Night of Hope for Liberia to provide humanitarian emergency relief for the Ebola crisis that is ravaging West Africa.
This is an excerpt from the book Witness concerning Christ Children Home:

Christ Children Home is located in the heart of Gbarnga City, on a narrow hill right on top of the city. This district is called Sugar Hill. I always thought of this name as a symbolic name for what the home represents.

It’s ironic, our home was one of the only homes that was and is still standing, weathering the war well. Most of the homes on Sugar Hill had been burned down and demolished by rebels. the reason our home was never burned and destroyed was because rebel forces took our house as their own and lived in it throughout the war, burning all the other houses in that community.

I was struck dumb by the abundant amount of children living in extremely pitiful conditions in this community. Liberian Children are in Crisis! Despite 10 years of peace, turmoil still lingers around communities and neighborhoods in Liberia.

– Quanuquanei A. Karmue

WITNESS, by Quanuquanei A. Karmue, details his family’s escape from child soldiers during the Civil War in Liberia, the horrors that they witnessed and the orphanage they founded in Gbarnga City.

Christ Children Home

Christ Children Home Education Fund is a non-profit organization based in Johnson City, TN whose mission is to fund and foster educational needs for under privileged ORPHANS in Liberia, West Africa. These orphans are an unfortunate byproduct of a fifteen year long civil war which killed about 300,000 people. Our goal is to help them receive a Christian education, medical assistance and sustenance that will render them a chance and hope for a brighter future. Contact Christ Children Home (CCH) at 423-631-6308 or